Clusters in Smart

Green Technology Cluster


According to the European Commission’s view, the IT industry’s share from the EU’s CO2 emission amounts to a mere 2% however it plays a key role in controlling the society’s energy consumption. Also other energy-guzzling sectors, like building operations, transport and logistics could reduce their energy demand through the careful use of IST (Information Society Technologies) and, thus, reduce their CO2 emission by as much as 15%, until 2020.

The overall purpose of the Green Technology Cluster is to promote co-operation and creation of relationships by the IST sector in order to improve the energy efficiency and CO2 emission of the economy and to create opportunities for the generation of joint green technological projects, in co-operation with other sectors (e.g. transport, building industry, energy industry, food industry, trade).

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Alliance cluster


Alliance cluster was founded in 2007; it has 36 members. 

The members have got different professional knowledge which intensify each other’s market position and they can offer higher services. The cluster’s profile focuses on the IT and innovation area.  Most of the members deal with Information Technology services and the others have got other industry knowledge, such as Transport and Logistic for instance. 

The members’s main activities:

  • education – 4 members
  • IT – 21 members
  • professional, advisory, human R+D – 10 members
  • wholesale trade – 1 members


There is a Cluster organization which provides services for the members: project generation, workshops, organization of meetings, professional activities, partner and investor search, marketing consulting, promoting of the cluster, representation on professional forums.


ICT Association

The ICT Association of Hungary represents the interest of the Hungarian information and communication technology sector. With over 300 members IVSZ is the only major ICT association in Hungary. 

IVSZ’s mission is to contribute to the development of the Hungarian information society and knowledge driven economy by identifying and elaborating breakthrough points and through intensive lobbying. It has an active membership contributing efficiently to the activities of the association. IVSZ maintains strong relationships with and exerts strong lobbying at Hungarian government bodies in order to accelerate the creation of a productive legal environment for a competitive Hungarian ICT sector. IVSZ is a member of DIGITALEUROPE (previously known as EICTA), the largest ICT lobbying organisation in Europe, thus providing effective interest representation in the European Union for its members. The vice-president of IVSZ is a member of the board of DIGITALEUROPE. IVSZ is actively involved in DIGITALEUROPE working groups and committees, representing the interest of the Hungarian ICT sector.
IVSZ has participated in several FP6/FP7 projects and has experience in the BSP and SEE programme too. It has been the coordinator of two EU funded project (TACMON – FP7 Research for SME associations; ICTtrain – BSP) and a Hungarian national technology platform focusing on embedded systems (ArtemisH). It implements currently 3 EU funded FP7 and 1 SEE projects as national partner (FP7: MAPEER SME, TACMON, FACIT SME; SEE: SEE Digi.TV). Previous projects implemented by IVSZ staff include SECURE-FORCE, 3S, HAGRID, IRC Network in Hungary, EEN Network in Hungary etc.
The staff of IVSZ has experience in the implementation of EU funded projects, they have special experience in technology transfer and SME business support activities. IVSZ has been several times coordinator of communication activities. 

The Galician Automotive Technology Centre

The Galician Automotive Technology Centre (Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia, CTAG) is an organisation created to offer advanced technological solutions to the automotive sector. It supports the automotive industry in its permanent quest for continuous improvement and new technology. Its highly qualified human resources provide excellent service and customer dedication. MORE INFO


Dinalog, the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics is established to unroll the research and development program for logistics and supply chain management. Dinalog is the physical and virtual place where the private sector cooperates with centers of excellence (i.e. Universities) and where Post-Experience Education is organized. MORE INFO

MARSEC-XL Foundation

MARSEC-XL Foundation sets out to shape the digital future of the marine industry through the application of Marine Systems and Software Engineering. MARSEC-XL, an “innovation hot-spot” for the marine industry, provides an unbroken sustainable innovation chain encompassing a range of activities from applied research, education and training to business operations and technology transfer. MARSEC-XL serves as a neutral ground where internationally leading brands, start-up companies and academic institutions work collaboratively. Founded in Malta in 2007 with strong industry support, MARSEC-XL is now building a global Community for Marine Software Engineering. MORE INFO

PLAE - Aquitaine-Euskadi Logistic Platform

Euskadi and Aquitaine make up in their territories the trans-European route, the greatest strategic value route in the continent. It grants a natural advantage to the traffics between the European markets and the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. However, this positive value is being questioned by the current situation of the transport and its trend, as it is foreseen the Basque-Aquitaine railway system will be at risk of total saturation by 2010. To solve this, it emerges the project of Plataforma Logística Aquitaine-Euskadi AEIE (Aquitaine-Euskadi Logistic Platform EEIG), whose main goals are: (1) to tackle transport problems and; (2) to promote the tissue of transport infrastructures and structures in Euskadi and Aquitaine, in order to lead them towards intermodality concepts.



LOGISTOP, the Technology Platform in Integrated Logistics, Intermodality and Mobility is a technology platform established as an intersectorial and multidisciplinary forum, opened to the participation and involvement of all stakeholders with interest in the field of Integrated Logistics, Intermodality, Transport and Mobility. 


The Shipbuilders & Shiprepairers Association (SSA)

SSA provides support to the Marine Industry across the spectrum of business issues from policy on, best practice, and regulation affecting, Defence, Renewables, Offshore Wind Energy, Repair, Innovation, Market Research, Training, Health & Safety and Environmental Issues.


The Canary Cluster for Transport and Logistics (CCTL)

The Canary Cluster for Transport and Logistics is a group of companies, institutions and business agents related to transport and logistics in the Canary Islands. Relationships and connections between its members are based on common interests in a particular environment that gives them a competitive advantage over new challenges of globalization.

The role of the cluster is to improve the competitiveness of the productive processes, considering the interrelation between all representative stakeholders in the sector (producers, buyers, suppliers, educational and research institutions, regulatory authorities, etc.)


HVEC - The Hungarian Vehicle Engineering Cluster (MAJAK)

The Hungarian Vehicle Engineering Cluster (HVEC) was founded in January 2009 by six Hungarian engineering SMEs, all with large experience in international projects. HVEC aims to co-ordinate the activities of Hungarian engineering companies operating in the field of vehicle or vehicle part development. HVEC intends to assist them by joint marketing operations in targeted countries, support the know-how transfer among employees and run a knowledge database for members.




IVL - Instituto Vasco de Logística is a non-for-profit association operating mainly in the Basque Country. Its main objectives are the research on logistic related areas and disciplines, the transfer of knowledge and training of its associated members. Around 100 companies are involved in IVL. The Institute participates to several individual and collaborative R&D projects. More info!


INEO is an ICT Galician association composed by 80 companies that collaborates actively engaging and sustained development of the socio-economic environment by promoting the implementation of the technologies information and communication, innovation based on knowledge management and lifelong learning as key elements to compete in a global context market. Additionally, INEO promotes the extension of these actions to the companies, as well as citizens or Administration. INEO is formed by companies from four Galician provinces in different branches of the sector: software, networks and telecommunications, Internet and content, ICT training and ICT consultancy. INEO’s focal point is the contribution to the development of the Information Society and Knowledge in Galicia.

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Federmobilità is a non-profit association which gathers all the administrations responsible for mobility management at regional, provincial and local level. More Info!


CITET is a Spanish innovation centre for the logistic and road freight transport sector which main role is to guarantee the sustainable development of the companies of this field. More info!


The mission of the Cluster of the Galician Naval Sector (ACLUNAGA), created by initiative of the Ministry of Innovation and Industry of the Galician Government, is to improve the competitiveness and to promote the development of the group of companies that integrate the Galician naval sector. More info!


SIIT scpa - Technological District of Liguria was set up on 23rd March 2005 with the aim of creating an integrated system for the development of industrial research activity and its related training. This achievement is intended to benefit large industries, small and medium enterprise , the University of Genoa, diverse public institutions, research institutions and finance companies. More info!

Treviso Tecnologia

Treviso Tecnologia is the Special Agency for Technological Innovation established in 1989 by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture (CCIAA) of Treviso, with the intent of fostering an innovation-oriented corporate culture. More info!